Paliomylos Hotel, Naoussa, Paros

Spa & Wellness

Paros Spa Hotels - Naoussa Paros Greece

Open daily except Sunday's from 13:00 – 21:00

Your holiday is a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. Our professional therapist, brings skilled hands, knowledge and experience that will enhance your body, mind and spirit.

Paliomylos Hotel Spa offers a choice of in spa massages, jacuzzi/relaxing pool, beauty treatments, waxing and manicure/pedicure.

Utilizing local, calming and revitalizing ingredients, derived from native and exotic plants, rich in essential oils and minerals.

For appointments call +302284051151 or dial 9 from your room; book at least 6-12hrs in advance

Paliomylos  Spa Packages & Special Services

  • Indoor saltwater Jacuzzi/relaxing pool 20 high power hydro jets massage and rejuvenate your body. Calming your soul, relaxing your mind. Capacity 2-10 persons 30mins 15€ pp Special private event including cocktails and fruit platter 40min 25€
  • Deep Tissue Massage This is the personalized massage, it is designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body, this type of massage is extremely beneficial because it reaches the deepest layer of muscle, fascia (connective tissue surrounding the joints) and tendons. 50mins 60€
  • Aromatherapy Massage Enhance your massage experience with the therapeutic benefits of synergistically chosen aromatherapy blends of cinnamon, ginger, spices and nutmeg infused oil. This light to medium pressure massage will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. 50mins 60€
  • Back, neck & shoulders A relaxing and soothing massage to help ease tired upper body muscles using lavender essential oil. 30mins 35€
  • Foot Reflexology The foot is the mirror of the body and the most neglected part as well. With a soothing foot massage, using lavender essential oil, it will help to relax both body and mind. 30mins 40€
  • Cellulite Treatment Using an essential oil blend with rosemary and soothing calm strokes as not to damage the lymphatic function, this massage will stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems 30mins 40€
  • Balinese Massage Using an essential oil blend of aromatherapy, the massage embrace the concept of balance between the body and the spirit. The combination of different techniques and deep pressure, benefits the body increasing the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system also benefits muscle injuries. 60mins 70€


  • eyebrow shaping (with organic wax) 10€
  • arms 15€
  • underarms 12€
  • stomach 8€ full leg 30€
  • half leg 20€
  • full face (with organic wax) 35€
  • upper lip (with organic wax) 5€
  • chin (with organic wax) 5€
  • Men's back 25€
  • Men's chest 20€
  • Bikini 15€
  • Brazilian bikini 20€


  • Manicure 15€
  • French manicure 18€
  • shellac, semi-permanent polish 20€
  • Spa manicure, scrub and massage 20€
  • gel new set 45€
  • gel refills 35€
  • acrylic refills 35€


  • pedicure 18€
  • french pedicure 21€
  • shellac, semi-permanent polish 20€
  • spa pedicure, scrub and massage 25€
  • Manicure and pedicure 28€

Facial Treatment

  • EXPRESS FACIAL_designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time. Your skin is cleansed, lighlty exfoliated and gently massaged. Recommended for all skin types 30mins 30€
  • LUMINANCE PEARL TREATMENT_indicates for dull and tired skin that needs moisturazing and light. New luxurios antianging, brightening and firming beauty treatment with pearls, diamonds, power antioxidants, vitamins and special skin frendly actives. Recommended for +30 50mins 60€
  • HYALURONIC TREATMENT_indicates for mature skin rejuvenation. Intensive moisturazing and anti-wrinkles beauty treatment with trhee types of hyaluronic acid, oligopeptides, hyaluronic “wrinkles-filler”, white tea, cherry and lotus flower. Recommended for +35 60mins 70€

Body Treatments

  • SCRUB_a light massage using an exfoliating gel with seeds from olives that remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin hydrated and re-freshed. 40mins 35€
  • SUNBURN TREATMENT_using a homemade recipe of greek yoghurt and honey mixture, that is applied lightly, followed by a soothing gel of Aloe Vera, vtamin E and provitamin B5 30mins 30€
  • LIGHT LEGS_massage performed with refreshing and invigorating gel on the feet and legs to diminish tiredness and muscle fatigue. The massage stimulates circulation, especially indicate to relieve swollen legs symptoms 30mins 30€
  • DEAD SEA BODY SCRUB, followed by Dead Sea Black Mud treatment. Absolutely amazing, leaves your skin fresh, light and rejuvenated by removing dead skin cells.60mins 50€

Manicure + pedicure + Hyaluronic Facial Treatment + Cellulite Treatment 120€

Private Acces Jacuzzi, including cocktails and fruit platter + 2 Back, neck and shoulders massage 100€

Light legs + Body Scrub + Acces Jacuzzi 75€

Balinese Massage + Foot Reflexology + Acces Jacuzzi 115€

Body Scrub, Aromatherapy Massage, Luminance Facial Treatment 145€

The spa provides robes, slippers and towels.
Please be prompt on your appointment time
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For appointments call +302284051151 or dial 9 from your room; book at least 6-12hrs in advance